Ahhhhoi yarrr Scallywags

yarr harrr arr

the quest for the giant Tuna-Can is right about to start

make sure you know what you sign up to ….

meeting point – 20.01.18 Stephansplatz -10:00 departure at 10:18 sharp as my sword

No registry needed – sailing in teams is suggested as you will need the warmth and a shoulder to cry on

Each Mothership will need:

a Cannon,  a Sail, a Flag, a Treasure chest and an anchor

Carry a Weapon of choice at all times!

How much is the Fish? 5 Euros if you want to stay overnight 2 Euros if you just want to take a peek – to be paid at the Start!

1 euro draft beer, matresses and showers will be provided – bring a sleeping bag or sheet and a towel

breakfast will also be possible at extra charge

!! finish your rum bottles before the final harbour as our hosts will not tolerate foreign booze !!

Hope to see ya all, ya rotten, filthy scallywags!!!!


Supported by the one and only: Cyklo Kuchyňa, Bratislava !

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